Sunday, 10 January 2010

Maxime Cescau, Demarkus Lewis & Poussez

A bit late on these cos they were supposed to go in iDJ, only then there was some confusion about when they were coming out and… oh, well it's a long story. All you need to know is, these are two more fine releases from London's Artizan stable, and they've been available since just before Xmas so if you've not picked up on 'em yet, now's your chance!

First up is a joint venture between label co-owner Maxime Cescau and deep house legend Demarkus Lewis. Tussy Pickler is the lead track on this release, and it kind of reminds me of something that might have come out on Yoshitoshi back in the mid-to-late ’90s. Its combination of techy beats and slightly garage-y organ/synth sounds works for me, anyway, and while it doesn't 'do' huge amounts there's enough in the way of builds and drops to keep things interesting. It comes backed with Big Bird, which is in a slightly deeper vein, the beats a little less abrasive and the synth stabs replaced by nice dreamy washes. Nice.

And secondly (and most recently) we have The Waves by Poussez, who are of course no other than Cescau again and his fellow label co-owner Jafar. Again an instrumental, this is more of a prog-style cut, but it's deep enough to appeal to deep house floors as well, methinks. Particularly circa 5am in those eyes-wide-shut moments.

Out: Now

About: Artizan Music is, as stated above, based in London and run by Jafar and Maxime Cescau. They've been a bit quiet of late and hence despite being in the game a few years these are only their 9th and 10th releases, but I'm assured they're back in the saddle now - watch this space (or the pages of iDJ) for the soon-come Solar Stripes EP by Deporto. In the meantime, here's their website.

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