Monday, 18 January 2010

Greg Dorban & Andy Bunney - All Around Pt 2

This first came out three months ago, with mixes from Park Street and Deep Inc; now it's back with fresh rubs from Pete Gust, JazzLoungez, Filin Brake and Dorban himself.

As before, Chappell's voice (for tis he on mic duties) might be a bit off-putting for those who don't like it too soulful, but the underlying grooves are certainly very solid, with my pick of the new mixes being from JazzLoungerz, I think, though Gust's deeper take is pretty good too.

Increasingly, though, one thing bothers me. Lyrically, this song is all about how house music can uplift your spirits and see you through the darkest of times – sentiments I can wholeheartedly agree with. But: "If you're down/search the sound"? Come on… that just isn't grammatical, is it?

I'll forgive 'em though cos like Chappell sings, "you know it's about that house thing"…

Out: Now

About: This is on Reelgroove, who (along with Andy Ward-helmed spin-off Sounds Of The Booth) are doing probably more to push traditional vocal house/garage in the UK than anyone right now. For more info see their website and MySpace.

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