Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Stonebridge & Dayeene - The Morning After

Okay, this is a sight more poppy/commercial than you'd normally read about on here. But c'mon… it's Stonebridge and Dayeene, who together brought us Around The World and It's Alright back in the day, so gotta be worth a peep.

Some five mixes in total, then, varying from the more radio-friendly to the more pumping/Ibiza-tastic. The clubbier mixes come from Richard Vission, Robbie Rivera and Sgt Slick. The latter's mix is the one I'd go for… but you'd still have to be in a reckless, 'don't fear the fromage' kinda mood, yagetmi? That said, though: Dayeene. Don't know what it is about these two Swedish ladies but their cojoined tonsils will carry most things for me. Twas ever thus, and so it is here.

Cheesy but fun, then, would be the overall verdict…

Out: Now, I think?

About: This is on Armada Music, who normally specialise in godawful trance, so this counts as a quality house record compared to most of their back catalogue! Generally speaking not a fave imprint, then, but if you must find out more, click here.

Meanwhile, Stonebridge should need no introduction – Sweden's foremost house producer/DJ from back in the day, still cited as a major inspiration by the SHM, no stranger to the pop charts, etc etc. He's also quite a nice bloke, as it goes, and this is the first single from his forthcoming long-player of the same name. You can learn more (and HEAR THIS) at his own website.

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