Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sonotheque - Sugarblues EP

A nice varied EP of deeper vibes here, from a label and artist I must admit I don’t really know anything about.

Still, taking ’em track by track, the titular Sugarblues fuses house, jazz/blues and the teensiest little bit of techno in that St Germain kinda stylee. It’s very playable, albeit nothing we haven’t heard before. The ever on-point Bearweasel then turn it into a heavyweight slab of deep dub techno that’s definitely worth checking.

Over on the flip, meanwhile, Latex Dreams is a funky-ass deep houser with touches of both disco and jazz, while digital-only bonuse cut Calor is a more horizontally-inclined number from that point where deep house shares a cheeky doob with ‘chill out’, with a forlorn-sounding female Latin vocal.

Like I said, then, nice and varied and well worth a punt. Assuming you’re not playing the peaktime slot at your local electrohouse night of course…

Out: Now

About: This is the 25th release from Metroline Ltd, about whom you can learn more at their website and MySpace; you also HEAR THESE TRACKS at the latter.

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