Sunday, 3 January 2010

Rhythm Section - Comin' On Strong

Did anyone happen to see A Night At The Museum on TV last night? Cos this is like the breakbeat equivalent: a little bit of rave history come to life…

If you think you don't remember Comin' On Strong from back in the day (it was first out in 1991), it's the one with the piano break and the girl's voice going 'feel the rhythm… to the rhyth-errmmm' and also what sounds like the same 'ooh (something-or-other)' sample that The Tingler (FSOL) used, or very similar to it… as well as a dark, dark bassline and some toytown rave synths. Proper rave justice! It also just happens to be one of the earliest releases from Mr Rennie "Smiley Happy" Pilgrem, along with Ellis Dee and various other peeps… and thanks to the Renster it's now back, back, BACK! with a 2010 refix. Or rather a bunch of 2010 refixes cos there's no fewer than nine mixes on offer here (including the original).

Just quickly then, Nick Newton's two mixes keep the old skool flavas: I'd go for the fairly self-explanatory Piano Chugger Mix rather than the Sasha-esque 'early prog'-isms of the Transbreak Mix but both are cool. Rennie gets out his retro/nufunk chops on the Retro Funk Mix, Caper dubsteps things up, Slum Dogz takes us into D&B territory and there are Ellis Dee and Grim Pil rubs for the more straight-up breaks heads. Even 18-year-olds in skinny jeans and those stupid trucker caps are catered for with an electrohouse/warehouse/wonk mix from Black Noise.

I'm liking pretty much all the mixes except possibly the last one. Being an old cheesy quaver at heart, it's the original that's making me smile the most, but there's something here to suit… well, not everyone's tastes, but lots of people's.

Out: late January, I think.

About: This claims to be on RSR, which I guess probably stands for Rhythm Section Recordings. Or possibly Rennie's Silly Raveup, or something. Dunno, but you shouldn't have too much trouble finding it I don't think, judging by the amount of promo welly they've been giving it.

PS: They didn't send cover art so above is a picture of Rennie sporting his trademark affable grin. I stole if it off the internet, so if it happens to be your photo, please don't sue me for using it without permission, just ask and I'll take it down.

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