Saturday, 23 January 2010

Ricky Inch presents Clazz

Ricky Inch headlines an eight-track EP which is all about the jazzual vibes, and very lovely it all is too.

I should mention at this point I have a soft spot for appalling ’70s/’80s jazz-fusion and smooth jazz – for the uninitiated that's like jazz-funk, only not quite so funky. It feels only fair to point this out cos some of this does sound quite like that, only with a 4/4 kickdrum stuck underneath. But if you've ever harboured a secret longing to jump into the Cortina and go cruising down country lanes, top down, sun-soaked meadows on either side of you and a Swedish/Essex blonde laughing in the passenger seat like you're in some dreadful ’70s shampoo commercial, then cuts like D'Flower's Rain Before will suit you down to the ground, or more accurately down to your white socks and loafers. Just as they do me.

Other tracks, such as Elastic Sound's TechJazz or Vinyl Dharm's Infidelity have a more contemporary, more overtly (deep) house-ified feel; yet others like St Maarten's Rues De Jazz have that more midtempo St Germain/Souffles H kinda vibe going on. Overall, though, this EP is a must for anyone who likes a little jazz in the house…

Out: This week (Jan 27), you can hear it/buy it here

About: This is on Ceremony Records, whose releases have covered pretty much the whole of the deep house spectrum, from techy/proggy to more soulful. This is the jazziest thing I've heard from 'em by far, but anyway you can find out more here.

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