Saturday, 23 January 2010

Micky More - A Touch Of Jazz

Out for a couple of weeks but can't be overlooked cos it's ace. One for the lovers of upbeat, fairly trad-sounding house/garage music, the sax-sporting A Touch Of Jazz does what it says on the tin, basically. With a host of live musicians brought in to play on it, it's a sumptuous, classy-sounding affair in its original MM Classic mix form… then a host of top-drawer remixers (Groove Junkies, Scott Wozniak, Alex Dimitri plus the mysterious Andy & Dave) get drafted in to rework it.

Not gonna go into every mix, but check Andy & Dave's for maximum pumped-up energy (not in a horrible OTT way though), the MM Organ Dub for proper deep Jersey lover's treat and of course gotta prop the slightly more bumpin', left coast-y rub from Groove Junkies seeing as it was Evan that sent it!

Out: Now on Beatport promo only, here's the link so you can hear/buy it.

About: This is on Street Of Soul, a new label outta sunny Italy run by Micky More AKA Michele Mingo – this is only the second release as far as I can see. For more on the label visit their MySpace.

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