Monday, 18 January 2010

FREE ALBUM from Artie Flexs - The Journey

If you've been paying attention to this blog at all, you'll be aware of rising star Latvian producer Artie Flexs. His brand of house works largely somewhere around the deep/tech border, with just the teensiet hint of prog thrown in here and there. And now guess what? Those crazy impetuous fools are giving away a whole Artie Flexs album for free... I seriously doubt you've seen a better offer online all day.

The album's called The Journey and I'm not gonna say loads about it, for once the music can do the talking. But, y'know, it's good or I wouldn't be putting it up. The promo download also includes both mixed and unmixed versions, so DJ types can do their ker-razy wicky-wacky mixin' n' scratchin' and wingin' em in outta nowhere thing, and normal people can just put it on and dance around their living rooms/bedrooms/lifesize statues of a naked Brian Blessed. Which is nice.

You will need to register for the Lost My Dog newsletter to get the album, but as they're among the country's leading purveyors of fine quality house music, an email from them once a month or so shouldn't prove to be too onerous a burden. Certainly nowhere as near as onerous as lugging the Brian Blessed statue back from the shop was.

To download the album FOR FREE, just click HERE.

About: Lost My Dog should be familiar by now… assuming you're a house music lover/TIWWD reader that is. If you've just stumbled across this page by accident by Googling 'Brian Blessed naked' then a) Lost My Dog is a very fine house music label based in the north of England and b) you should probably have a little word with yourself.

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