Thursday, 17 December 2009

YSE - A Life Sentience EP

It's records like this that make it all worthwhile. You've had a tiring, stressful day, it's freezing… you come home, stick on this unassuming-looking promo and – hey! – suddenly everything's right with the world.

This EP consists of four tracks, which I'd describe as being… well… they're a little too tough to be classed as straight-up soulful house, but a little too lush and musical to fit into that gloriously stripped-down box I like to call tech-soul either. So let's settle for calling this just classy electronic house music dripping in soul, shall we?

Worry, with a quality male vocal from Beckford, is the standout cut, and is presented in two mixes, the original and a slightly dubbier DJ Bene Remix, though the latter's only on the digital release. This is closest to tech-soul/NJ garage territory, with a little bit of west coast bump and a touch of Chi-town whoomp… and it's frankly just awesome. It's like musical Night Nurse for your weary inner being: not in the sense that it sends you to sleep, I hasten to add, just in the sense that it makes everything better!

Moving on, Things Never Said brings more of that bumpin' left coast vibe, this time with just some vocal snips atop the slightly squelchy synths and midtempo but still danceable beats. And finally there's Disappear, which is more your straight-up late night deep house vibe but still excellent, with some fluttering geetars sat nicely back in the mix and spoken vocals encouraging your brain to drift off…

Anyway, I've banged on for long enough, suffice to say this record is completely ace and your life will be better if you own it! Lucky that it's OUT THIS WEEK, then.

About: This is yet another belter from Lost My Dog, further cementing their position at the very top of the UK deep house tree… although that's a bit of a horribly mixed metaphor, isn't it? Cos if I was at the top of a tree, cement is the last thing I'd want to be carrying around. Anyway you know what I mean, and if you don't then I suggest you visit and get yourself an education pronto, Tonto.

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