Monday, 28 December 2009

Fusion F & Come T - World EP

Previous releases from this Polish duo have apparently found favour with the likes of Digweed, Fanciulli, Cattaneo and Warren. That, coupled with the fact that the World EP is on What Happens, should give you some idea of what to expect: deeper vibes from the prog/tech end of the spectrum.

Panama is indeed a deep, rolling groove in classic proggy style, that reminds me a little of Age Of Love. Siberia is a little more contemporary-sounding/Berlin-ish, being an altogether sparser affair topped off with rather disconcerting spoken male vocal samples (eg, “just to give you one last joyful memory before you die”). Y’know when you hear a mix album by the likes of Howells or Lawler, or indeed the aforementioned Hernan C, and the first half-hour is always nice deep vibes? Well, that’s the kind of tackle we’re talking about here. And it’s out on Jan 11.

About: What Happens is the label run by Tim Andresen – perhaps Denmark’s biggest DJ, and a former iDJ correspondent don’tchaknow? – with a neat line in tech-house and deep prog. More info at their website and they've also got a MySpace where you can HEAR THESE TRACKS.

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