Saturday, 12 December 2009

Patch Park & Joeri Jamison - I Look Different Now

Not going to say a lot about this one, cos I don't claim to know much about this kind of tackle really. But if you dig chuggy, house-y techno (the hype sheet brands it tech-house but I'd say house-y techno, if you know what I mean) then you should definitely check this out.

There are three mixes of I Look Different Now, though to my untrained ear the Original and the Oliver Moldan Remix don't sound hugely different. The Nicole Moudaber Remix DOES sound different, but only in that it's even more overtly techno with its layers of percussion, so I'd stick to the other two TBH.

About: Patch Park & Joeri Jamison are both Dutch and have had stuff out on Little Mountain and Renaissance, and that's about as much as I know. Label-wise, this is on Wally Lopez's TheFactoria imprint, who can be found online here. And again, this is OUT ON MONDAY.

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