Thursday, 17 December 2009

Martijn - Circus Dubs EP

This is billed as "a blend of deep and tech house with a splash of carnival flavour," which sums it up quite nicely.

Not being a huge fan of ethno-flavours of house, lead cut Carnival was never gonna be my fave rave of the month, but it's insistent, er, carnival-esque rhythm and peculiar chant/scat vocal will certainly get those booties shaking. It comes in three mixes (Original, Dub, Paul Hardy Remix) but they don't vary huge amounts TBH. Meanwhile you also get Perazzo K, this time credited to Martijn & Chris Luke, and again coming in three mixes, from Tom Davis, Martijn and Chris Luke. This time, though, the remixes do vary considerably.

The Martijn Remix does a similar percussion-led carnival-type thing to the first track, Chris Luke's Dark Dub is a deep/tech affair… but by far and away the best track on the EP for me is the Tom Davis Mix, which is just six minutes and 13 seconds of sheer deeeeep delight. With a bottom end that'll fill any room and pads to die for, plus some eerie Western-style twangs, this is pure quality.

And it's OUT THIS WEEK, too. Hooray!

About: This is the latest from Leeds-based Baker Street Recordings. Martijn and Tom Davis both hail from Newcastle, while Paul Hardy is one-half of Holmes & Watz, who also happen to own and run the label. Get the full Baker Street story (and hear clips of all their shizzle, too) here.

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