Thursday, 3 December 2009

The Love Supreme - Sugar

The hype sheet for this one brands The Love Supreme as "Milan-based, Krautrock-inspired disco heads," which is as good a place to start as any I guess. And what we have here is a foretaste for their soon-come album New Millennium Freaks.

Sugar comes in three mixes. The original recalls the likes of Was (Not Was) or maybe Talking Heads getting their groove on, what with its walking b-line, agit-funk guitar scribbles and noo wave-style vocal (which comes courtesy of Fug chappie Ben Smith). The accompanying Dub is more just an instrumental, really, but would still be my pick given that noo wave-style vocals aren't really my thing. Social Disco Club's remix, meanwhile, is more of a languid pass, kind of like the 'erection section' for the end of a nu-disco night I guess :-) or, more realistically given that this isn't actually the 1970s, one for those post-club wind-down sessions. And then you also get Eternal, which is a more dubbed/weirded-out kind of affair.

All told, it's not an essential-essential-essential release for me TBH but still worthy of your attention, particularly if the more eclectic/experimental/
Balearic end of nu-disco is where you like to play. Look forward to hearing the album.

About: This is on Tirk, that bastion of all things nu-disco and beyond, and it's OUT ON DEC 7 (that's Monday, as I write). For more on Tirk, hit up their website.

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