Thursday, 31 December 2009

2009: The Tunes

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the least eagerly anticipated year review thingummy since that family newsletter you get every Xmas from the people you lived next door to in 1974. Truly it's a show with pretty much nothing, not even Yul Brynner.

See, I had all sorts of big high-falutin' plans but you know how it is… still, it IS the end of the year so as TIWWD approaches its first birthday, it would seem a little bit remiss not to do some sort of obligatory looking back thing. I'm not gonna attempt the whole decade, cos that'd be too much like hard work, but here's some of the tunes, people, albums and labels that have made 2009 a better place to be for me:

Let's start with some tunes that haven't been mentioned on here before cos I reviewed them in iDJ:

Chieko Kinbarra - Changed My Life (King Street)
Daley Padley & Fribbs - Open Minds (Phonetic)
Jamie Jones - Summertime (Crosstown Rebels)
Chris Wadsworth - Mainline (Hypercolour)
Marshall Jefferson pres Ragtyme - Raindance (Z Records)
Joe & Will Ask - Fabric Of Win (Gulp)
Dave Storm - Acid Bath (Cabrio)
Martin Eyerer & Benno Blomme - Pianoroll (Great Stuff)
This Is Massive - Still Hope For Jackson (Hysterical)
Akabu - Sax My Bitch Up (Z Records)
Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey! (Objektivity and then Defected)
Stephanie Cooke - Thinkin' I'm Beautiful (King Street)
Freaks - U Make No Sense (Crosstown Rebels)
Full Intention - Once In A Lifetime (Full Intention)
Siopis - Really Love Ya (Get Physical)
Goshi Goshi - The Lock Shot (Southern Fried)
Cut La Rock - Classic (Rocstar)
Snuff Crew - Berghain (Gigolo)

Next, some tunes that WERE covered on this very blog:

Brown & Andrew Phelan - Gimme A Beat (Prismatic Tracks)
Divas Of Color - One More Time (King Street)
Dekata Project - The Viral EP (Doshiwa)
Time & Space Machine - Children Of The Sun (Tirk)
Skism - Rise Of The Idiots (Wicky Lindows)
The Layabouts feat Kathy Brown - Choices (MN2S)
Forensics - Exile (Eight:FX)
Ralf Gum & Monique Bingham - Little W.12th Street (GOGO Music)
Juan Atkins & Kimyon - Work For Money (All About)
Rene Breitbarth - It's All About Doris EP (Deep Data)
YSE - A Life Sentience EP (Lost My Dog)

Right this is taking up more space than I thought, so I'm gonna break it up I think. But before I go, let's have an overall winner. Tune of the year? Well the YSE and Siopis singles are both pretty damn freakin' brilliant but they're a bit too new to call… and the Goshi Goshi tune has had lots of rinseage round TIWWD Mansions but it is a bit silly, innit? So the TUNE OF 2009 AWARD has to go to…

Polar Pair Vs Atlantis – This Is What Happens
This Underground Resistance track came on like Gil Scott-Heron making deep techno and has had probably more plays by me than anything else this year. Just awesome – and sadly overlooked it would appear. So hunt it down.

Oh and do you get the picture at the top now? I don't need drugs, I'm crazy enough as it is, etc. Next, albums…

**UPDATE! As you'll see from the Comments, below, the label kindly got in touch with a link so you can HEAR THIS for yourself - just click here


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