Sunday, 20 December 2009

Scott Langley - Moody Man/Change Your Mind

This is the latest from London DJ, producer, family man and all-round good egg Mr Langley, and it's just come out (Dec 14) so is still pretty fresh…

It's on Plastica, which while having quite a varied output, does tend towards the proggier/techier end of the house spectrum, and suffice to say that this release from Scott is right at home on the label. Change Your Mind is a blippy tech-house affair with a disembodied spoken vocal and nice crunchy percussion, while Moody Man is another fairly driving tech-houser with pretty busy drums.

All told it's decent floor fodder, but news reaches that Scott has also been busy in the studio with some of the biggest divas in dance music, including Stephanie Cooke and Dawn Tallman: now those tracks should be something special…

About: Plastica is based in Milton Keynes and this is their 43rd release… more info here though it looks like they've not updated the website in a while! Meanwhile you can find out more about the ever-prolific Mr Langley on his website or MySpace.

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