Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Nic Fanciulli - Dusty House Room 3

A two-tracker from the boy from Maidstone who's long been a friend of the iDJ family, and it sees him going back to his house roots a bit, which is good to hear!

The two tracks are called Work The Week and Feed The Freezer, which I'm guessing is meant to be a reference to stocking up on fish fingers and such once you've worked the aforesaid week? Anyway, the latter is a simple chugging, looping deep-ish house groove, with a few disco whoops thrown in here and there and a whooshy, filtered feel to give it energy. S'nice. Work The Week, meanwhile, is similarly paced, and again with a borderline filter disco kind of sound.

These more conventional house elements (disco loops, cut-up vox etc) are creeping back into a lot of tuneage right now; the fact that Nic's doing it after his last few years' flirtation with harder/more techno-oriented sounds, merely serves to underline the point.

So yeah, a nice little EP that'll particularly suit fans of Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak etc.

About: Mr Fanciulli you certainly should be aware of; label-wise this is on Rejected. A new label to me, but presumably part of Nic's very own Saved/Deleted empire? Hang on… nope, the internet doesn't seem to know, either. So we'll assume it is, cos I do have Nic's number but I'm not gonna ring the lad at 10pm on a Weds night to find out. There are limits.

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