Monday, 28 December 2009

Jellybass - No Love

No idea when this is coming out, but if you like reggae/dub-tinged vibes it’s well worth checking. Despite the somewhat bizarre lyrical references to buying your Mum flowers for mother’s day.

The original is a slo-mo steppa with a toasted vocal from Brother Culture. Think Dub Pistols in skankin’ mode and you’ll know the kind of, er, ting. If the original’s not floating the proverbial boat, however, then you’ve a fair choice of remixes. Jazzsteppa drags No Love into the murkier, sub-heavy realms of dubstep, as does Caper who provides both vocal and instrumental rubs. Finally, the US of A’s DJ Love infuses the original with some party/big beat-style breakbeats and a light dose of very silly scratch noises, the result being a track that’s more summer barbecue japery than red-lit underground dancefloor, but useful nonetheless.

About: This on Ali B’s Air Recordings, about whom you can learn more by clicking here.

**UPDATE 31/12: Just had an email from the Jellybass chaps AKA Joe & Chix, who've kindly sent a link so you can HEAR THIS for yourselves... thanks, Jellybass chaps!!

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