Sunday, 6 December 2009

Funkabit Vs Frank Agrario - Mininova

Oh God, I wish I didn't like this, cos it really is cheesy as fuck – it's even on Mozzarella Recordings for Chrissakes. Trouble is, it's ace as well.

The case against: It's a cover of the Pamela Fernandez classic Kickin' In The Beat, only with the words "kicking in the beat" strangely replaced with the words "it's a mininova," for no apparent reason. It's done in an 'accessible' fashion that's equal parts crunchy electrohouse, French touch and, well, handbag. And vocalist Michelina Needs can't, if we're being painfully honest, sing all that well.

The case for: Kickin' In The Beat is one of my favourite tunes, so that vocal was forced to raise a smile, and if we're being honest I'll admit I'm a sucker for slightly nasally female vocals. And handbag, come to that (where did you think the whole UDD™ thing came from?). And the Frank Agrario Goes To Rimini Remix reminds me of bassline house before it went all 'urban' and rubbish. And there's a marginally less cheesy piano house remix from Munk, too.

Anyway, you can HEAR IT HERE and decide for yourself. Just remember, I did warn you it's prrr-etty cheesy…

About: This is on Italian label Mozzarella Recordings (est. 2007), and it's out either on Nov 20, if you believe the Soundcloud link above, or on Dec 14, if you believe the press release that came with the CD promo. Either way, visit the Mozzarella website and you can also download the parts and enter their remix competition, if you've a mind to.

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