Monday, 21 December 2009

More free tuneage!

Must be cos it's Xmas but the free downloads keep coming… this one's from Norway's up-and-coming electro-poppers The New Wine, as remixed by rising nu-disco stars mIGHTY mOUSE.

As you'll hear if you visit The New Wine's MySpace, the remix doesn't do huge amounts different but it does give the track a certain discotheque sheen the original didn't really have. I can't say it's my favourite track du jour or anything, but mIGHTY mOUSE are certainly worth keeping an eye on, given the sheer quality of their recent Disco Circus comp on Music Response (which you should definitely check, if you haven't already – yours truly gave it 9/10 in the last issue of iDJ, for what that's worth).

Anyway, I THINK it's all right to post this – the email did say 'please distribute this track freely' - so here's the YouSendIt link.

Thanks to Joe @ Leyline for sending this through. Oh yeah, and here's a link to The New Wine's very own blog so you can find out more, too.

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