Sunday, 6 December 2009

Daniel Solar - Relocation EP

Coming from that techno/deep house border where Germans currently like to hang out, here we have a three-tracker from Mr Solar that will please those who think Berlin is the centre of the universe. Which seems to be a lot of people, these days.

The most individual-sounding track here is Soundtrack, which features a vocal from one Ingrid Hakanson, who could no doubt do a very good Roisin Murphy on Stars In Their Eyes. The other two cuts, Trois and Transit, are both passable enough examples of their ilk: Trois is marginally funkier but 'funk' isn't a quality that any of these tracks have in huge amounts, if we're to be honest… which is the problem with a lot of this 'new German house' stuff, don't you find? Still, the EP as a whole is pleasant enough listening, and very playable right now… oh yeah, and it's OUT THIS WEEK as well.

About: This comes atcha on Khazuma Future, who are based it transpires not in Deutschland but in sunny Barcelona, don't you know? More info at their MySpace.

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