Sunday, 20 December 2009

Dave Allison - That Sensation

Funny, cos while this four-tracker is titled That Sensation, you only get one mix thereof, and three of the other track, Y'All See. Just when you think you've seen it all. What next? Street signs – indoors? A moose... wearing SUNGLASSES?!

Anyway, That Sensation, then, is a nice bubbly, funkfied slab of deep house. Y'All See, meanwhile, is based around a "music… y'all see?" vocal sample and comes in Original, Tom Lown Remix and Sean Thomas Drumsong Dub forms. The original is tuff n' dubby, Lown's rub is a little techier and more percussive, Thomas's is more outright housey and probably my pick of the three.

And it's good and it came out on Monday. So there.

About: Dave Allison is from Montreal, and the owner of Kinjo Records. Tom Lown is a new UK talent who's had stuff out on Lost My Dog. Sean Thomas is from Philadephia: he runs a night called Drumsong and a label called Sound Between Movement, and had had stuff out on DiY Discs.

Warmth, meanwhile, is a Brooklyn-based label that's not put anything out since 2003. But now they're back! back! BACK! with That Sensation being their first new material after making their back cat available digitally in 2008. I'm told there's plenty more to come. Find out more at MySpace

(PS The street sign/moose thing… it's from The Simpsons, the one where Moe turns Moe's Tavern into a family restaurant. Just in case you were wondering.)

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