Monday, 21 December 2009

Santorini - Double Face

Proper underground house bizniss! And I'm tempted just to stop there, but it'd look funny so…

This EP, which is OUT THIS WEEK, features two mixes of the title track, and two of Before The Flight. The original of Double Face boasts shuffly percussion, some nice Jersey organ stabs and some stabby/snippeted male vox… it's a heads-down groove that will appeal most to the classic garage heads, while the Oner & Conyu Remix gives it a slightly more contemporary, one-eye-on-Berlin kinda feel as well as adding a crazy JBs-ish funk break halfway through.

Before The Flight is more percussive, and most noteworthy for the chopped-up bits of a chorused female vocal that reminds me a bit of (but isn't) Black Masses' My Heavenly Stars. There's some sax doodles and some very sparing organ, too. And finally Bologna newcomer UES remixes Before The Flight and takes it a little deeper, in that he loses some of the clattery percussion (but also the organs, unfortch).

About: This is the third release on Fabio Giannelli's fledgling District Raw Recordings out of Italy, following previous singles from Yakine and Giannelli himself. Evidence so far suggests it's a label to watch for… so hit up their MySpace why dontcha, where you can also HEAR the tracks on this EP (well most of 'em, anyway)

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