Sunday, 6 December 2009

Funky Soldiers & Robert Owens - Silence

In which west London duo Funky Soldiers team up with the legendary Owens tonsils to deliver a cover of Delerium's vocal trance classic Silence. Ha ha ha! Nah, not really. This is a different Silence altogether, one which probably wanted to be Was I Here Before? when it grew up.

The original is all mean n' broody and only a few drum rolls away from being one of those dark, proggy vocal numbers that work quite well in Ibeefa and sound rubbish most other places (see: Black AM, Dancing In The Dark, et al). The MN2S remix takes us into deeper and slightly funkier house territory, and then you also get two mixes from the equally legendary Jovonn. His Mind Remix turns the track into a squelchy Chi-town deep affair, and comes accompanied by an Owens-free Silencestrumental.

All told, a solid offering, if perhaps not the stone-cold killer you'd want an Owens/Jovonn team-up to produce.

About: This is on MN2S, and again it's OUT THIS WEEK. To check out MN2S's spanking new website click here.

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