Sunday, 20 December 2009

Miss Mee & Lloyd Kenny - Rhythm Is Our Business EP

A four-tracker here, with two apiece from label boss Miss Mee (that's her on the right, and she's from Belgium) and newcomer Lloyd Kenny (who's from Ireland).

It caught my eyes immediately cos we used to have a maths teacher called Mr Mee when I was in first year at school. He was quite young and we made his life a misery as I recall. A particular favourite was to go before the lesson, "Right lads, 10.23 on the dot, everyone stand up and sing I Don't Wanna Dance." And this being the early 80s, we'd synchronise digital watches and at 10.23 we'd all stand up and sing I Don't Wanna Dance. Or one time we did I Love Rock N' Roll instead. Oh yeah and the England World Cup song as well. Looking back, poor Mr Mee must have gotten pretty sick of it. But it was funny at the time and to be fair, we were only 11 years old. Sorry, Mr Mee… you were a good bloke really.

Just thought I'd share that. The record? Okay, well, various shades of house basically: from Kenny, Drops is a bit too techy and bleepy for me, but The Yodel is funkier, in a Sneak-ish kinda style with a rolling b-line, a looping vocal snip and some Negro-esque space disco stabs. Mee's Venezuelaos Canta is an ethno-house thing and not for me either, but then the title cut brings things to a fine close with its jaunty jazz swing and uber-catchy "Rhythm is our business/rhythm is what we sell" vocal hook. Think Classic, basically, but there's nowt wrong with that.

About: This came out on Dec 14 on Patsada, which is Miss Mee's own label. Find out more at her MySpace. You can HEAR Drops and Venezuelaos Canta while you're there, and you can also find a Miss Mee profile at the Stanton website.

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