Saturday, 12 December 2009

360 - Neon

Sorry it's been a few days… anyway, it's Saturday evening and, in the absence of anything most people would class as a social life, TIWWD is back, back, BACK! with a record that boasts possibly the worst sleeve in the history of music.

Well all right, maybe not THE worst cos their was that set of terrible album covers that went round by email a few years back, but still, it's not good, is it?

Don't judge this by its godawful sleeve, though, cos Neon, which comes in two parts imaginatively titled Neon One and… yeah… is actually pretty good. Not quite sure how you'd classify it, mind. It's a chuggy little number that I guess has elements of both deep and prog house, and a bit of techno, as well as bearing some relation to that whole Scandolearic thing à la Dahlback, Lindstrom etc. Er, a bit. Shall we settle for saying it's a nice piece of electronic music, and that Neon Two is the one to head for for dancefloor action while Neon One is slightly more home listening-oriented? Yes, I think we will. And it's OUT ON MONDAY.

About: 360 are the Dutch twosome of Nuno Dos Santos and Patrice Baumel. Between them, they've racked up releases on the likes of Compost/Compost Black, !K7, Get Physical, Dirt Crew and Trapez, so they're certainly no newcomers. Green, meanwhile, is a Dutch label run by Joris Voorn and Edwin Oosterwal, and has hithertofore mainly put out Voorn's own releases, although there was a hard-to-spell Stimming EP that did rather well. More info at Voorn's website.

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