Monday, 28 December 2009

Various - Platform B #11

Right, first of all, I categorically refuse to believe that Disco & Martini, whose contribution to this four-track EP is the excellent Flatliner, are actually called Gilbert Martini and Joseph Disco. I bet they’re really called Kevin Nogglethwaite and Damian Dull, or something.

We’ll let ’em off though cos Flatliner is ace, the kind of chunky groover that straddles, nay completely ignores the house/techno divide like a young East German in a bad anorak dancing atop the Berlin Wall in 1989. It’s tailor-made for Ibiza terraces but it’ll rock pretty much any spot, to be fair.

Label boss Luetzenkirchen also chips in with two tracks, I House You and Say Say Say, both of which operate in similar territory to Flatliner, albeit they’re perhaps a bit housier (and there’s thankfully no Fab-Macca-Wacky-Thumbs-Aloft samples in the latter, in case you were worried). And finally a little number called Canciones De La Selva rounds out the EP, another Iberican-terrace-friendly, housey-techno-y affair with sparingly used spoken Spanish vox, a fat-ass, hip-shakin’ bassline and some weird out-there noises for people on drugs.

Incidentally I only just recently found out about the whole ‘death of the umlaut’ thing (as in, for instance, why Luetzenkirchen isn’t called L├╝tzenkirchen any more), and I was a bit upset about the whole thing. Come on Germany what are you playing at?! What are shit American heavy metal bands gonna do for that added hint of Teutonic menace in their names, now? Go round calling themselves Gilbert Virgindefiler and Joseph Thorhammer, I guess.

About: This has been out since Dec 14 (I’m so behind the times) on Platform B, which is Luetzenkirchen’s own Great Stuff-affiliated imprint: more info here.

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