Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Matthew Bandy feat Johnathan Houston - Going Nowhere

This is of course the latest from the man whose totally, utterly ace and inspiring This Is Why We Dance as Deep House Souldiers gave this blog its name (with Matt's blessing, I hasten to add), and it ploughs Mr B's familiar deep n' soulful furrough. And I'm happy to report that, while I've been drifting a bit away from the very soulful stuff of late - particularly male-vocalled soulful stuff – this is hitting the spot just fine. Mainly cos Mr Houston can actually sing and doesn't just make whiny, nasally noises!

There are six mixes promo'd, though the full release will apparently have a ruddy whopping great 12. As far as I can tell what they've done is just not promo the instrumentals, though. The mixes don't vary huge amounts, with just a touch more organ here, a little more percussion there and so on, but if pushed I'd plump for the Hernan Cronner mix which has a little of that 'stripped n' bouncy' west coast vibe going on. Or maybe the slightly mellower, more sophis' Douglas Marques Remix. Or maybe the slightly jazzier vibes of the Luife Remix, or… well, you get the idea. It's one for the soulful crew only, really (at least it is as long as that vocal's in place), and the subtle distinctions between the mixes will likely be lost on anyone else, but you've got your options there for sure.

About: This is on Grooveland, who are based down in Brazil, and it's OUT DEC 20. To find out more, hit up Matthew Bandy's MySpace. There's also a Grooveland website but it doesn't seem to do much at the time of writing… that might only be temporary though.

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