Sunday, 13 December 2009

Donewrong - Lights Out EP

Another one that's OUT THIS WEEK, the Lights Out EP is one of those records where you'd say "it's interesting" before you'd say, "I like it," if you know what I mean. I think I do quite like it… but a couple of times I've had to turn it off, as well. You certainly wouldn't want to listen to this in certain, ahem, 'altered states'.

Musically, it's actually quite unique-sounding, but I'd say draws primarily on techno and progressive house. In fact, opener Jellybean is pretty much a straight-up prog number in its original form, but then things take a darker turn with the brooding menace of the Take Care At The Beach Mix. And then things, er, stay dark, with Lights Out itself and The Following Day all disorientating vocal samples and darkly rumbling basslines. The Gatchamen supply more overtly techno remixes of the latter two tracks.

If you told me Donewrong were big fans of dubstep and early 'darkside' jungle I wouldn't be a bit surprised. This doesn't sound like either… but it does have a similar paranoid, skunked-out kinda feel. Scary stuff… but interesting, as I said.

About: This is on Electric Sheep, which is a new-ish UK label (this is ES012) who I think are based in London, given that they host events at the Star of Bethnal Green. Their event flyers offer 'balearic… cosmic… space funk… deep house' but the Lights Out EP really doesn't fit into that bracket at all so I wouldn't read too much into that. Anyway, their website is quite action-packed so find out more for yourself (and HEAR THESE TRACKS) by clicking here.

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