Friday, 27 November 2009

Tom Lennox - Northern Soul EP

Musically, this has nothing to do with northern soul whatsoever so I'm guessing the title is maybe an homage to Mr Lennox's Manx roots?

Whatever, the title track is big, ominous slab of brooding, bass-y tech-house. 10243 is in a similar vein, albeit somewhat sparser, and with its BIG drums you could imagine Junior rocking the Sound Factory with this one for sure. The Hacksaw Sick Space Dub of 10234 then takes us into slowed-down, weirded-out techno-meets-dubstep territory, I guess you'd call it. And then finally Square One is another techno-informed number.

About: Tom Lennox is a London-based producer who's worked with the likes of Terry Farley, Colin Dale and Onionz. The Northern Soul EP comes atcha on Forbidden Fruit Recordings: a new UK label based in Leeds, you can find their website here and their MySpace here.

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