Sunday, 29 November 2009

Double 99 - Ripgroove 2009

Right, seeing as we've been talking harder stuff (see Dom Almond, below), here's some more in-your-face bizniss in the form of three new (or new-ish) mixes of Tim Deluxe's speed garage classic from 97.

Three very different mixes, too. One's a reasonably faithful (and hence slightly pointless) rub by Cirez D, which was first out in 2006. It's only really of interest cos Cirez D is actually Eric Prydz and it's good to know not everything the boy from Sweden touches sinks to Call On Me-like depths of unfathomable awfulness… beyond that you might as well just play the original. There's also a version from The Count (as in 'and Sinden'), but we'll gloss over that one (it's very contemporary-sounding for sure, but it's not a bass sound I'm a fan of, and we'll leave it at that).

So really the reason this is here is the Kinsy remix. This is a remix competition winner… which is perhaps a bit surprising, cos he turns Ripgroove into a no-holds dubstep workout, and it ends up sounding like this is how the track was always just WAITING to be heard. Big up yaself Mr K! Let's hear more soon, please.

About: This is on Skint, one half of the Skint/Loaded pairing down in Brighton. Visit their website and you can currently HEAR all the above mixes, plus the 2nd and 3rd place runners-up in the competition that Kinsy won, too…

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