Saturday, 21 November 2009

EMKYU feat DDB - Gabrielle

Yes, that Gabrielle, as in Roy Davis Jr's UK/speed garage classic and no, I didn't think that sounded like a very good idea either. But EMKYU and DDB surprised me.

Some quite different mixes to choose from, too. The DJ Leo & Guy Robin Underground Mix features a full soulful vocal over midtempo house beats and a fat Chi-town b-line, and will appeal most to former UKG ravers who've gone and gotten all grown up and now listen to soulful house. The Dubstramental of the same is fairly self-explanatory, except to say that, thanks to that bassline, it should work equally well on both 'deep' and 'soulful' floors. The Qualifide Remix, meanwhile, has just a little of that 'UK funky' flavour to the percussion, but otherwise is pretty faithful to the original.

In fact, it even managed to bring on some of the same goosebumps. Now where am I going to find a pair of buckle-front loafers and a four-button suit in 2009?

About: This is on a new UK label called ATDA, and that's about all I know at the moment… they haven't given me a release date even. Tsk.

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