Sunday, 8 November 2009

Korablove - Pani Chacha

Pani Chacha starts out as yet another slab of chuggy tech-house, albeit this time with a little carnival/Latin-type flavour thanks to the use of some very understated horn sounds. It then takes on a strange Balkan/gypsy-type twist halfway through, which makes sense given that it’s apparently named after a drink from Georgia that’s popular among the Romany.

Given the current obsession with all things gypsy, I can see this going down well. There’s also a remix from SCSI-9, which is slightly more subtle, and eschews most of the gypsy elements in favour of creating a simple looping groove. BTW you can HEAR THIS at their MySpace.

About: This is on Pro-Tez, which is a new label to me… so here’s their MySpace and we can go on a voyage of discovery together. Or something.

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