Saturday, 21 November 2009

Mikas - Elipse

This was sent to me under the heading of 'Minimal - Techno - Progressive', and it's fair to say it's a sight more proggy and driving a houser than you might normally encounter here on TIWWD. The reason it's here, though, is that it's also got bags of energy, it's got that all-important wiggle to its stomp and it's just, well, fun, with a big nagging synth riff that'll stay with you.

That said, it's only really the Club Mix that's working for me. The Manual De La Mare Remix is just a straight-up techno thing and not that interesting to these ears. Don't mind the darker prog shades of the TKM Remix so much, but really it's the Club Mix every time.

Oh yeah, and it's OUT THIS WEEK, too.

About: This is on Progressive Grooves, which is Mikas's own label and based in Canada - full info can be found on their website. You can hear Elipse for yourself there, too. Meantime, I'd just like to point out that this is indeed called ELIPSE… which isn't actually a word, as far as I know. Don't know whether they meant eclipse or ellipse, but just so's you know I didn't type it wrong…

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