Sunday, 22 November 2009

Ill.Skillz - Back Track/Stella Nova

Don't get sent a lot of drum & bass any more, which is a shame… but this landed last week so thought I'd mention it. Two quite different tracks on offer here. A-side Back Track starts out all gentle and liquid-y, then turns into a proper full-on parping jump-up affair… s'okay but those farty basslines aren't my thing so much, not being 16 n' that, so I'm preferring Stella Nova on the B, a two-stepper with some cheesola 80s synths that kind of remind me of the big riff from The Final Countdown.

Actually that sounds awful on paper, doesn't it? But Stella Nova is actually rather good. Trust.

About: This is on Ill.Skillz_Recordings, which is D-Kay & Rawfull AKA Ill.Skillz's own label, obviously, and it's their 11th release. Find Ill.Skillz on MySpace here.

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