Saturday, 7 November 2009

Kasper - The Pressure

No frills, here, just three solid instrumentals in a very US 1990s kinda style… which is just how we like it! A-side The Pressure is a midtempo chugger with some minor-key, er, keys. On the B, UK tech-house veteran Mr G delivers a remix of The Pressure that's got more of a Detroitian flavour – you could have told me this was Octave One and I'd have believed you – and you also get Vibrations, which again is very ’90s sounding, this time conjuring visions of New York circa 95/96.

Like I said, it's all solid stuff: even if none of the tracks is what you'd call a surefire floorfiller in its own right, any of ’em will keep ’em grooving nicely. I think Vibrations just pips it for me.

About: This is on Bass Culture, a new label run by legendary Parisian house bloke D'Julz (this is only the third release, and it's out "in November" so now-ish, I guess). Kasper meanwhile is a producer/DJ/promoter from Madrid and I can't tell you much more than that. Want to know more? Try Bass Culture's blog and MySpace.

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