Friday, 27 November 2009

Raymundo Rodriguez - 3 Colours EP

Call me very literal-minded but I find it quite confusing that this is called the 3 Colours EP when there's only two tracks. But there you go.

Anyway… A-side The Oompa Dance is a Latin-infused midtempo deep house groove. It's okay but a bit forgettable, TBH, and when B-side Yeah's Theme first got going with its metallic-sounding kicks and Chi-town bassline I wasn't that impressed either… and then in came some lush chords and jaunty keyboard sprinkles to show me I was wrong and make me very glad I'd not hit the forward button. Not a world-beating, must-have, murder-your-granny-if-you-have-to kinda release, then, but worth checking for the garage-y keys on Yeah's Theme all the same cos they'll have heads nodding along nicely.

About: This is on UK label Black & White Orange, about whom I don't know enough evidently seeing as this seems to be their 29th release! You can find 'em on MySpace here.

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