Sunday, 29 November 2009

Spirit Catcher - Sedona

If you've heard Spirit Catcher's previous releases on the likes of NRK, 2020Vision, Moodmusic or Silver Network, you know what to expect here. That's not to say it's not very good, cos it is! Just that Jean Vanesse & Thomas Sohet do what they do – deep, chunky house music for the dancefloor – and this doesn't alter the blueprint much.

There's three tracks on offer. Forever And A Day is quite bumpin' and west coast-y, Future Fools is a bit more contemporary/Berlin-ish but still with da funk in full effect, and something of a party-starter with its insistent "spin the record/let's get naked" vocal (oh and if it starts THAT kind of party for you, then I'm jealous… but enjoy). And then finally the title cut Sedona is a slightly deeper affair than the other two: it's still floor-friendly but you could equally well put this on after a club, in those wee smoky hours, in the way that you wouldn't Future Fools, for instance. And it's got some nice Detroit-y chords as well.

So, not huge amounts of ground being broken, but three varied and hi-calibre deep house tracks. And it's been out since Monday, so go seek.

About: Spirit Catcher have been around for quite a few years now so I'm sure you're "aware of their work" but here's their website anyway. This particular release is on Marc Romboy's Systematic label, who you can find here.

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