Monday, 30 November 2009

Andrew Phelan & Origami - Other People's Parts

An EP/mini-album in which the Moulton Studios-based duo show what they can do on the remix front, with their takes on tracks by (deep breath) Ross Couch, Sleazy McQueen, Pete DaFeet, Short Bus Kids, Fingermonsters, Just Jason and George Cochrane.

Overall, what's striking is just how atypical of the Moulton 'sound' most of the remixes are, with Phelan & Origami pursuing, on the whole, slightly tuffer paths. That's not to say there's not plenty of west coast bump n' swing herein, just that lush pads and sultry female vocals are largely given a swerve in favour of crunchy beats, uncompromising synth lines and a glitchier feel, making for an EP that's more contemporary- and more European-sounding than you might expect. Or maybe it's just me that's not been paying enough attention!

I'm not going to go into every track but Pete Dafeet's 94 is a particular highlight for me, with the Short Bus Kids' P-Ground Hos and Sleazy McQueen's Through The Speakers also deserving an honourable mention (and I've surprised myself a bit with the latter cos it's quite electrohouse really). Oh yeah and Fingermonsters' Elevator is great, too (and a bit more typically San Fran, albeit with a bit of a Nordic slant… and Stephen Hawking on vocals). Otherwise suffice to say this is a quality selection of underground house 2009-style, and excellent VFM to boot.

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