Sunday, 29 November 2009

Dom Almond - Pirate Radio/Up Or Down

This is a bit of a different one for TIWWD but thought it'd make a nice change of pace after all the deep n' techy house below (and this is meant to be a blog unhindered by pigeonholes in any case).

Pirate Radio is basically a slab of tear-out breakbeat with a slight old skool rave feel to it. Not normally the biggest fan of tear-out - I mostly prefer my breaks on the funky/house-y side - but this pleases with almost jungle-style warping bass and plenty going on generally. However, Up Or Down is even better, fusing Bukem-style ambience with house-y/techno-y synths, ragga shouts and relentless firing snares. Sounds a bit of a hotch-potch but it works, in the same sort of genre-agnostic kinda way that, say, Dooms Night or 138 Trek worked.

About: This comes on Pure Filth, which is NOT the nu-jazz/broken beat stable from London, but rather one of several labels helmed by Ollywood and sailing under the Hardcore Beats flag… for more info on Pure Filth/Wicky Lindows/Future Perfect and Hardcore Beats itself, click here. Be quick and you can grab some FREE TUNEAGE from Schema as well!

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