Friday, 27 November 2009

Different Language - On The Up EP

Another new Yorkshire-based imprint, though this one lives not in Leeds, for a change, but just up the M62 in Hull.

Hull used to be a bit rubbish but as I've not been there for about, ooh, 15 years or so, I'm gonna give the city the benefit of the doubt and work on the assumption it is now officially the Singlemost Grooviest Town on the Planet. Pretty much all I'm basing that on is this EP, but to be fair this EP is pretty darned groovy. If low-slung tech-house grooves are what you're after it is, anyway.

Different Language apparently used to run parties in The World's Most Happening Metropolis (that's Hull to you and me) and clearly they learned a thing or two about what rocks a dancefloor and what doesn't. For instance, samples of Johnny Morris pretending to be a gnu: they very rarely rock a dancefloor, and so Different Language have very cleverly not included any samples of Johnny Morris pretending to be a gnu on here. See how it works?

What they have included is, y'know, some crisp drums and fat basslines and blippy synth noises and stuff. I'm preferring bonus track Idioma to the three mixes of On The Up itself cos Idioma is a bit funkier and less tech-y, but that's just me.

About: Like I said, this is another new-ish UK label, based in the new Music, Fashion & Impenetrable Cool Capital of the Universe… AKA Hull… and trendy cutting-edge Hull types that they are, they've got a website and everything. Hurrah!

Finally, for more information on the hustling east coast mecca of all things fabulous that is Hull, click here.

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