Friday, 27 November 2009

Brett Lawrence - This Freaky EP

A three-tracker from new boy (as far as I can tell) Lawrence which is OUT ON 30 NOV. Through The Eyes Of Others is a mid-paced deep house chugger, most suitable for warm-up or afterhours play. Oblation is a far more floor-oriented affair with its prominent walking bassline and layers of trippy synths, while finally This Is Freaky is a sparse, almost boompty-ish driving percussion-led number with a treated voice intoning the title. Sort of like going to a disco with the bloke out of SAW.

About: This is on 2Pin Records, which is yet another new label based in sunny Leeds, a mere 12 or so miles from where TIWWD grew up. Big up the West Yorks massive! Ahem. Anyway here's their MySpace.

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