Friday, 27 November 2009

Anil Chawla - The Zone EP

The name of Anil Chawla is most readily associated with progressive house, thanks to his Global Underground connections, but there's nothing especially proggy about the original mix of Red Zone, which is instead a deep chuggy groover that'd be ideal for when you're got 'em warmed up nicely but aren't quite ready to push them that bit harder. If you know what I mean, Mr DJ.

White Zone is another nice chuggy affair, though this one does have a little bit of a proggy tinge to it (as well as what may or may not be some very understated cowbells). It gets taken further into prog territory with a Kasey Taylor & Pena remix, which is okay for those that like that sort of thing, but far better to these ears is the Kruse & Nurnberg mix of Red Zone, which is an even deeper affair than the original and my pick of the EP.

All told, it's a lil' bit proggy but quite good, then. Those who are prog-allergic shouldn't be put off cos the K&N mix of Red Zone is quality.

About: This is on Flow Vinyl, which is a label that hasn't really caught my attention before despite this being their 20th release. Anyway they're from Portugal, which means it probably isn't pissing it down and freezing like it is here, and this is their website.

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