Saturday, 7 November 2009

Skwerl – Liron/Treble Agency

While we're on the subject of Detroitian chuggers (see Kasper review, below), here's two more from Skwerl, AKA Vianna's Michael Baim, who you might remember from a previous single, All Woman, which came with mixes from Sandy Rivera and Karizma.

Here though he treads a slightly more techno-inspired path – though that's techno only inna Derrick May/Kevin Saunderson kinda sense as opposed to 160bpm metal kicks! There's lots of nice truncated string stabs on Treble Agency, while some warm pads on tech-houser Liron would see this fit in nicely alongside (eg) H-Foundation, Peace Division or even the less 'quirky' Dirtybird tackle.

About: This is on the mighty Gigolo, a label which needs no (etc). Go here for more info.

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