Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Rene Breitbarth - It's All About Doris EP

Not got huge amounts to say about this one, but it's basically Berlin house meets female-vocalled jazz (are we to assume that's a Doris Day sample?), with the emphasis on the jazz side of things. For those deeper or lounge-y warm-up sets this is solid gold easy action baby, yeah. Or something.

The four tracks are called Doris, More Doris, Almost Doris and No Doris. The original I've just described (sort of), More Doris is a more overtly house-y number but in a very swing-y kinda way, kind of like a slightly calmer version of old Classic/MFF material; Almost Doris goes a fair bit deeper, dad, and then No Doris is more typical Breitbarth (from what I've heard, which isn't loads) in that it's kind of slightly wonky Berlin deep house. Wonky in a general sense, I mean, not as in 'wronk' or silly noisy micro-genres kinda wonky. In fact, scratch wonky. Let the W word be struck from the record. Let's say it's kind of slightly off-kilter Berlin deep house.

Phew. Don't mention the wonk. I did once but I think I got away with it.

About: This is on Deep Data, Rene's own label out of Berlin, and it's OUT THIS WEEK. For more info on the label and to download a 1hr promomix, click… right… here.

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