Friday, 27 November 2009

Audiojack - Kicks For Kicks

I'd have been delighted to put this in the house pages of iDJ but it came in way too late, so it's going on here.

This is Leeds-based crew Audiojack with a three-tracker of unapologetic house beats. As befits its appearance on Get Physical it's got that slightly harder, more tech-ified edge but as befits Audiojack's association with 2020 it's firmly rooted in ass-shakin' house music too so that's okay. The title track Kick For Kicks has a big, rolling bassline and some nice aquatic-sounding synths, This House is an irresistible hip-shaker with one of those bitch/diva-style spoken vocals you don't hear so much these days and In The Hills mashes up elements of techno, jazz, disco and funk into a surefire stomper (you'd want the floor properly warmed up before you dropped this, though, I think).

About: This on Get Digital, the digital-only Get Physical offshoot, and it's OUT ON 9 DEC. In the meantime find the label website here.

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