Friday, 27 November 2009

CALiGULA - The Countdown/Mainline

CALiGULA bill themselves as "an SF-based disco/house outfit" **EDIT: EXCEPT NOW THEY'RE IN NYC, SEE BELOW** and here they step up with two very playable cuts. The Countdown starts off sounding like Funky Green Dogs, then does a very passable Daft Punk impression (think One More Time) before bringing in an 80s-ish vocal. Sounds awful on paper, actually sounds quite good in real life. Oh yeah, and there's also an actual countdown in it, which I guess might come in handy if you're playing out this NYE.

Of far more interest though is Mainline on the flip, which is basically a reworking of Sir Jam-A-Lot by Captain Sky. Which would be in one sense a bit poor, if Captain Sky wasn't one of funk's greatest forgotten talents; as it is, most people won't realise, and those that do will smile knowingly at the kick-ass funk bass riff before shaking their booties on the dancefloor. I'm guessing.

About: This appears to be on a San Francisco-label called INgrooves (cat no ING004) but its not shown on the only INgrooves website I can find, and the hype sheet talks about a label called Massive Experiment. So I'm a bit confused.


  1. The founding member of CALiGULA and Fool's Gold affiliate DJ Vin Sol has moved operations of CALiGULA to NYC officially.