Sunday, 22 November 2009

Ben Rymer - La Trinciatrice

A brand new offering from former Fat Trucker Ben, currently working with London's Disco Bloodbath crew. Heavily Italo/cosmic in influence, the Main Mix of La Trinicarice is strictly for nu-disco sets and is okay if you don't mind those slightly cheesy analogue synths. But better to these ears is the Dream Dub, which could work equally well on deep house floors. It also drops down in the middle to a big fuck-off rave-y bassline, which kind of explains the title: 'la trinciatrice' is Italian for 'the shredder', nuff said!

About: This is on Serge Santiago's Arcobaleno label, and in a rare instance of TIWWD being as upfront as I'd like it always to be, it's not out till January so you'll have to wait… here's the Arcobaleno MySpace to be looking at in the meantime.

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