Sunday, 1 January 2012

Deep Mood - New Dawn EP

Well well well… happy new year everyone! Here's hoping 2012 brings you love and luck and good stuff generally. For the first TIWWD review of the year we'll look at this four-track EP of progressive house from Russia's Eternal Music.

See, the trouble with 'progressive house' for me is that so much of it… isn't, really. As such, a lot of it can leave me rather cold – until you come to a track like Mare Nostrum from this EP, which I just can't stop playing right now. I had a very quiet NYE at home with the GF this year, but playing this very loud and bouncing round the living room throwing shapes like a buffoon may or may not have been involved at one point. Just sayin'.

True, it doesn't break any new ground really – it's like the essence of leaping around a dancefloor in 1992 to Passion, Age Of Love, Big Mouth or Not Over Yet, distilled down and pressed up in vinyl (all right, 320kbps mp3) form. But Mare Nostrum serves as a timely reminder that sometimes, bouncing round the room throwing shapes like a buffoon is what it's all about.

We can even forgive the slighty questionable Pacific State-esque breakdown because this is, frankly, a MONSTER of a tune, and one that'll please the old ravers no end. Happy new year.

Out: This week

About: I can't seem to find a website for Eternal Music themselves right now, but here's where to find their shizzle on Audiojelly and here's where you can HEAR Mare Nostrum for yourself (the video is of all four tracks, the other three being perfectly functional prog numbers, but Mare Nostrum starts at 4.01)