Monday, 23 January 2012

ALBUM Various - Elevation: 10 Years

Lately there've been several brand new labels featured on this blog… today, though, we're here to talk not about a label launch, but about the fact that Ireland's Elevation Recordings has reached the landmark that is their 10th anniversary.

A week may be a long time in politics, but a whole decade is a bloody long time in dance music, so all respect is due to Darran Nugent and associates over in Cork for keeping the Elevation flag flying all these years. That said, it does help that they have a knack of sourcing some incredibly good music… and naturally that applies just as much here.

With tracks on offer from Snuff Crew and Julian Sanza as well as a host of newer names, this is an eight-track journey through quality house music 2012-style, packaged the old school way on sumptuous double vinyl. It really is all good, to coin a phrase… but if I was pushed to name highlights then Aldo Cadiz's Waripolazo stands out for me with its left coast-ish bump and chopped-up hip-house vocal, as do Sanza's Elevation with its sumptuous disco vibe and – perhaps most of all – Metrica's Tit, a jerky, tech-y strutter with one of the oddest vocals you've ever heard. But like I say, the quality meter is set to 'Full' throughout so picking a fave is hard!

Congrats again on the anniversary, Elevation peeps. The rest of you – grab yourself a copy of this and enjoy.

Out: Last week actually, sorry. My bad, sometimes I forget about albums…

About: You can find Elevation on Facebook, MySpace and Soundcloud.

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