Friday, 20 January 2012

Various - Various Artists Part One

London's Dogmatik lay out their stall with this five-track EP featuring a bunch of artists associated with the label – some familiar names, some not.

Stojche's Distance leans towards deep/minimal techno but will suit those floors that like it like that, while Dimi Wilson's Oloo is a perfectly reasonable but unexceptional slab of modern-sounding house, the best thing about it being a rather large b-line. Dusky's Tyto Alba impresses a little more with its west coast-ish low-end bump and soulful vox, while Mark-E's Horns Of The West is noteworthy for its interesting fusion of a proper old skool Chi-town backbeat with more contemporary lead/melodic sounds (though when I say 'contemporary' I really mean Italo-ish, which is older than vintage house so go figure!). But the real treat here IMHO is Keep L.O.V.E by Bubba, a wicked deep, dark rumbler of a house groove that wouldn't have sounded remotely out of place at the Sound Factory, and that features some distinctive 80s-style vocal cut-ups.

The EP's worth picking up for the latter alone. There's also a Part 2 coming which features label boss Alex Arnout along with Gavin Herlihy and a certain Maya Jane something or other, so keep 'em pealed!

Out: This week

About: Dogmatik can be found on MySpace and Soundcloud.

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